Before the boat tour
    HSP - M2M 2023
    by Edith Hulcoop
    HSP - M2M 2022
    M2M 2022 Photos
    HSP - M2M 2019
    by Jane Penney
    Pictures taken during M2M 2019.
    HSP - M2M 2018
    by Edith Hulcoop
    Photos taken at M2M 2018
    HSP - M2M 2017
    by Derm W & Cathy R
    Photos from M2M 2017
    HSP - M2M 2016
    by Edith Hulcoop
    HSP - M2M 2016
    HSP - M2M 2015
    by Multiple contributors
    HSP - M2M 2015
    HSP - M2M 2014
    by Edith Hulcoop
    Photos taken from M2M 2014, Rocky Harbour, NL
    HSP - M2M 2013
    by Edith Hulcoop
    Random Photos from M2M 2013
    HSP - M2M 2012
    by Eileen Dueck & Dermot Westcott
    Random Photos from M2M 2012
    HSP-M2M 2011
    by Wayne Frayle
    Random photos of this years HSP-M2M.
    M2M 2010
    by Edith Hulcoop
    Photos of M2M 2010 Event
    Group Shots @ M2M 2009
    Random group photos during the M2M 2009 Getaway.
    Rocky Harbour @ M2M 2009
    These photos were taken through the lens of the various people that attended M2M 2009.
    Kayaking @ M2M 2009
    Sea Kayaking rewards paddlers with over 9,000 km of coastline, icebergs, whales, seals, and more.
    Boat Tours @ M2M 2009
    Western Brook Pond boat tour has it's own unique offering. Explore scenic Bonne Bay on the I'se d'a B'ye boat tour, witness the inland fjord.
    Gros Morne comes built in with a wide variety of hiking trails, ranging from leisurely nature walks to demanding multi-day outings.
    Hotel Food and Accommodations
    Place yourself closer to nature at the Ocean View Hotel: Gros Morne National Park's premier accommodations.
    Gros Morne National Park
    Beautiful scenery near and within Rocky Harbour, a community within Gros Morne National Park. This is where M2M guests will be staying.