Note: To protect the security of our M2M Attendees we do not post their names.  Thank you for your understanding.


    This really was a very positive experience for me that I am very grateful for. The personal care I received from the volunteer staff was very meaningful to me and much appreciated. Thank you for this opportunity to meet you all. And the inside window into the Ephesians 4:16 concept where "every joint of the body supplies..." was modelled so well as each of you served from your strength as God has equipped you, to build up other parts of the body (missionaries). Thank you from the bottom of my heart for receiving me into this generous opportunity to be ministered to.


    The group hosting us, their welcome authenticity and love, creating space for God to speak, the pastoral care, I feel its best represented by the word "midwives" for the rest and renewal, this all birthed goodness.


    Thank you for doing this. We had a sense that God is doing something bigger here than just giving missionaries a break - though that in itself is a wonderful thing. Thank you, thank you, to all the volunteers. We are profoundly grateful.



    I appreciated all the morning worship times. Pastor Terry had a particularly good reminder for me about stress. I was blessed by Cathy's leading of worship. Lorne's presentation on stewardship was helpfully thought provoking. Overall it was a *really* relaxing and refreshing time. I felt blessed. When Alma said that we didn't have to do anything we didn't want to do, I thought to myself "this is a group that understands". I actually did participate in everything, but there was a security in knowing that I didn't have to participate in anything. I don't deserve to be treated this well, but I certainly enjoyed it! I will be recommending M2M to my friends.


    There were so many highlights. The final banquet was so fun. I have not laughed so hard in years. The evening that we did the meditation was a precious gift that has encouraged me many times since then.


    Time to relax and spend as a couple without feeling guilty. The activities were a wonderful way to facilitate this time. All of the volunteers were really amazing at making us feel loved without feeling like we were being invaded in any way. Such an amazing environment they created.


    Remarkable experience, remarkable commitment from the volunteers. A huge thank you to all of you who gave so much to bless each of us and send us on our way 'rejoicing and renewed!"


    I loved everything - perfect - refreshing - revitalizing - nourishing - to think that God loved me that much to bring me there to delight in me - what a privilege. Thank you for being faithful to the vision and giving us an opportunity to be refreshed enough and go back and do great exploits for the Kingdom!