Viola Westcott

    Executive Assistant

    They will be refreshed; Jesus will be a part of everything; many prayers will have been prayed, and answered! 

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    Viola Westcott has been a volunteer with M2M since its inception in 2008. She assists her husband Derm with various office duties including bookkeeping, editing/proofing, and also praying about every aspect of the ministry. Her bookkeeping skills were also a valuable asset during their time in Honduras working with Manos Extendidas. It was during this time of cross-cultural ministry that she and Derm saw the need for M2M.

    It brings Viola great joy to be a part of such a ministry. As the time draws near for the missionaries to arrive, she is busy finding items for their gift bags. Excitement grows as she anticipates the difference this trip to Newfoundland will make in each of their lives. Viola knows that they will be refreshed. Jesus will be a part of everything. Many prayers will have been prayed, and answered!

    Viola really enjoys baking in her spare time and Derm loves to sample in his spare time. Their dog, Mya, brings an extra dimension of love, joy and laughter to their home. She now spends more than half of her time away from home, working (tent-making) in another province, caring for the elderly. Her earlier, formal training in secretarial and medical work has been helpful in carrying out those duties.