Becoming Involved in M2M

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    I live outside of Canada and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. How can I help M2M?

    Check out our Engage page. There are various ways in which Christians near and far can assist with this event.

    Can I volunteer at the M2M retreat itself?

    From time to time there are various skills and services we require at M2M. We are so blessed to have dedicated M2M volunteers that give of their time and skills every year.   If you would like to inquire about any positions open as a volunteer please send an email here and let's start the conversation.

    How can I support a missionary who is interested in attending this retreat?

    If you desire to support a missionary to attend this event you can contact us here and make a request to support a missionary.

    I live in Newfoundland and Labrador, how can I help M2M?

    There are many ways you can help. (Visit our Engage page). One of our greatest needs is for funding and fundraising. Please prayerfully consider organizing a simple fundraiser for M2M.