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    • Not Having Clear Call From God

      October 27, 2018

      Not Having Clear Call From God
      by Dermot Westcott

      Well…yes, you have been called! On a personal note, passing the test, the one the Lord put us through, qualified us for the mission we are in today. It is certainly a personal challenge to workout the calling the Lord has on ones life, and not all will answer that call. OK…fine…being a little crazy helps, but not if it means rushing into a foreign land and burning out. You have to make sure the church is behind you, covering your back.The pastor and church leadership have to take a greater measure of responsibility when they acknowledge a person’s call into missions. Dialogue, prayer, counsel and brute honesty are the ingredients that helps one along the path, allowing them to come to grips with a sure calling from the Lord. However, the bottom line often times is that it is that person’s call personally. They are convinced themselves. And when someone says, “ I have heard from the Lord”, who am I to say anything different.

      As you can see, proving one’s call prior to the mission field can be a time consuming task, one that we, the church, too often fail to exercise.

      Our personal thanks to Pastor Harold Andrews for taking the time to dig into our lives. He not only encouraged us, but also had us wait until he sensed we were ready to respond to God's CALL.