Attending M2M

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    Who may attend M2M?

    All missionaries (from any Christian denominational background) are welcome to attend M2M. It is open to singles and couples alike.

    What will missionaries do at M2M?

    Missionaries who attend M2M will have the opportunity to partake in a variety of refreshing activities, morning services, seminars and workshops. For instance, there will be boat tours, sea kayaking, and hiking activities available in Gros Morne National Park. They will stay in the newly renovated Oceanview Hotel, and a caring team of volunteers will be available as well.


    How do I get to Newfoundland?

    If you are planning to fly to Newfoundland, the nearest airport is Deer Lake. You also have the option of driving to Newfoundland via Marine Atlantic's ferry service. For directions, click here.

    Do missionaries have to attend the entire retreat?

    Missionaries are encouraged to attend the entire retreat, but if they must leave early for any reason, they can contact us and make a request.

    Will it be mandatory for missionaries to partake in all activities and services?

    Activities or morning services are not mandatory. However, scheduled seminars and workshops are mandatory.

    May my children attend M2M?

    Children are not allowed to attend M2M. Our goal is to provide a time of rest, relaxation and training for singles and couples who attend the Ministry to Missionaries event; therefore, we are unable to accommodate children. Based on experience, attendees have a harder time really connecting or relaxing when they have to attend to their children's needs. Also, we need to be sensitive to the people in attendance, especially during the meetings and times of relaxation. We would love to have you join us if you are able to make arrangements for a friend or family member to care for your children during this time.

    Are there any age restrictions for attending this retreat?

    Attendees should be at least 18 years old.

    Can a group of missionaries attend M2M together?

    Groups are more than welcome. Please identify that you are attending with others on your application form.

    I am a missionary interested in attending M2M, but I cannot afford the travel expenses to Newfoundland. What can I do?

    We understand that travel to this province will be an extra expense on the missionary. What we recommend is that churches, supporters, and mission sending agencies assist their missionaries in fundraising. For example, perhaps a church could pay all or part of a missionary's airfare. Or, perhaps they could assist them through fundraising.

    I am interested in attending M2M, but would like to stay in a place other than the Oceanview Hotel. Will this be allowed?

    This will be allowed, however, it will be at the missionary's own expense. There are many nice B&B's, cabin rentals, and camp grounds in the area.

    I am a missionary who could use this sort of ministry, but I have lived away from the mission field for a while. May I still attend M2M?

    Sorry this event is for missionaries who are currently serving in the field.

    I am a missionary, but I serve within North America instead of in a cross-cultural location. May I attend M2M?

    Yes. We recognize that missionaries serving within North America could use this ministry as well.