LATEST UPDATE: August 3, 2020

    Warmest greetings to all.

    Thank you for your endurance and patience during those past months as we worked through the planning for M2M 2020 during what has been a challenging time for so many.  I hope that you are staying safe and continuing to rest in the Lord.  Our great God is with us and for us as we face each new day, always looking to Him.

    At this time, the Newfoundland government isn’t giving any indication that travel will be opened to provinces, other than the four Atlantic Provinces, in the foreseeable future.

    It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you that there will be no M2M this year.

    For those applicants who wish to have their application remain on file for next year’s M2M, we will be happy to do so.  Your application fee will be applied to M2M 2021.  You will receive a notice via email confirming your M2M 2021 approval in February, 2021.

    M2M 2021 is scheduled for August 17 - 21, 2021.

    If you would rather wait and see, you may request the return of your application fee and we will process a refund to your credit card. If your circumstances permit, and you would like to apply again next year, we would happily welcome you.

    Ministry to Missionaries (M2M) has been such a great joy for our entire team, serving missionaries from all around the world.  Each volunteer takes special delight in serving our guests. You will certainly be missed this year.  

    The primary purpose for this ministry is to provide a non-threatening environment whereby the Holy Spirit can meet with you in His Secret Place.  And that Place can be accessed at any time by a believer; the same place that the Lord identified as where the Kingdom of God resides. That Place is inside of you.  

    At M2M the Lord provides a getaway with fun and relaxation.  Now let me encourage you to schedule some time away. Take a few days at a friend’s cottage or go to a quiet place where it’s just you and the Lord.  Take some of your most enjoyable readings; i.e. your Bible, a good book, snack foods that you like, music that lifts your spirit. Or perhaps you would like to fast. It could be a media fast, NO CELL PHONE :)  Personally, I like a scented candle, soft piano music in the background, a cup of java and then I quiet my thoughts in anticipation of hearing from the Lord. By purposing this “set-aside time”, you are creating an atmosphere where the Lord can have a deeper and more meaningful time of connection with you, where you can hear His voice.

    It’s in His Secret Place!

    God Bless,
    Derm (M2M Team)