1. International Alliance for Missions

Our vision is to provide a means to support individual missionaries and their mission projects.

2. Barnabas International

M2M will provide participants with personal and spiritual assessment/renewal and pastoral care. This care will be offered by a team of 10-12 people who are trained in missionary needs. This has been made available due to our partnership with Barnabas International. Our purpose is not to provide professional counseling but to gently encourage reflection and spiritual health.

3. Women of the Harvest

A place where women of all ages can come together in a secret, safe environment to share dialog, blessings, frustrations, talents, businesses, advice, cherished photos, favorite videos, private messaging, personal blog space, and multi-channel chat sessions!

4. Link Care Center

Link Care Center is a Christian counseling center, dedicated to the health and growth of the entire person, including psychological, emotional, intellectual, familial, cultural, and spiritual dimensions.

5. Coffee Online

Coffee Online is a non-profit organization that distributes fine specialty coffee to help missionaries and missionary organizations reach out to others in Jesus’ name.  Coffee Online is an initiative of the International Alliance for Missions, Inc.

6. World Evangelical Alliance

The WEA Resource site is committed to assisting Evangelical Christians around the globe to distribute quality materials in many languages. View free downloadable Evangelical books, articles, periodicals, and training resources.

7. Canadian Fellowship of Churches and Ministers

CFCM is a Canadian ministry fellowship whose aim is to promote unity, fellowship, and strength in the Body of Christ through the local church.

8. Life Impact

Life Impact cares for Christian workers in a hosted center (home), called an "Oasis."  Come for rest, retreat, reflection, and gain some confidential coaching and processing during your visit.  We have 10 staff locations, some unhosted retreat places, and a network of overnight facilities when on furlough.

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