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March 1, 2013

At our first M2M Event 2009, the Lord gave us a theme that ran throughout the event. It was "a tenacious little fellow called the Pitcher Plant".

Tenacious def.:holding fast; characterized by keeping a firm hold, a tenacious grip on my arm; pertinacious, persistent, stubborn, or obstinate. holding together; cohesive; not easily pulled asunder; tough.
The missionary has a lot in common with the pitcher plant. They too, like the pitcher plant, represent a flexibility and tenacity that is necessary to persevere in their call to the mission field.
The pitcher plant (sarracenia purpurea) is a unique and hardy plant found on bogs and marshes throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. This little plant, with wine and green-coloured flowers, survives on insects collected in its tubular leaves. While other plants find nutrients to survive in the soil, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, the pitcher plant has adapted to an environment deficient in these vital nutrients by finding an alternate source. Its leaves and structure are expertly formed to survive, and regardless of its conditions, the pitcher plant remains intensely resilient, infinitely adaptable, and naturally and remarkably beautiful.

The significance of the pitcher plant strongly characterizes missionaries.

The pitcher plant is a symbol that not only represents Newfoundland and Labrador’s natural beauty, humanity, and strength of our collective character but also represents the missionary who survives in the most difficult of circumstances. The pitcher plant has adapted to this place over generations, survived everything the world has thrown at it, and thrived. It’s a symbol of the missionaries' creativity, of a way of looking at things differently, and believing that there really is no place on earth quite like the home the Lord has chosen for the missionary. Simple and amazing, possessing a fierce determination, and standing proud in both sun and storm, it is a symbol of who the missionary is, and what they’re made of. Like the pitcher plant, the missionary is always growing, head to the wind.

The pitcher plant is a symbol that reflects who the missionary is and what they stand for. It is a symbol that speaks our language, and is as unique as the people who answer to their God-given call, in every corner of the world, including Newfoundland and Labrador.

In 1954, the Newfoundland Government designated this unusual and interesting plant as the official flower of the province.

October 25, 2011

September 25, 2009

IAM’s first M2M Event was a tremendous success. That is the word from all that participated in the event…volunteer staff and missionary attendees. Even the service industry weighed in with their take on it, expressing that the event ran smoothly. “Is this your first time doing such an event?” questioned one of the hotel management staff. “You have certainly made this one a success.”

Fifteen missionary attendees and 12 volunteer staff participated in this year's event. The event ran from Sept 1-6. Right from the get-go, the attendees were greeted warmly, ushered to the registration table and then on to their hotel room. The excitement in the hotel amongst staff and attendees grew at a steady pace as each day's activities played out. Attendees chose from the various activities available to them such as massage therapy, kayaking, boat tour, hiking, golfing and swimming. Their meals were served in fine dining style. Nothing was too good for our M2Mers.
There were lots of photos taken throughout the event. Check M2M’s photo album to get a sense of the vast beauty of Rocky Harbour. Can you find the whale?
Volunteer staff made themselves available to the attendees’ throughout the event, especially for times of sharing and prayer. These times were a blessing to both the attendees and our staff. 
One of the main highlights for me personally was a gift the Lord gave to the missionaries. An analogy of the rugged life of a plant that survives in the wild of Newfoundland - the Pitcher Plant, and the missionary. The missionary has a lot in common with the pitcher plant. They too, like the pitcher plant, represent a flexibility and distinctiveness that is necessary to persevere in their call in the mission field. To read more on this gift from the Lord, called “a Tenacious Little Fellow”, click here.
Another highlight of the event was our last night in Rocky Harbour. After everyone enjoyed a lovely dinner together, our staff put off a Newfoundland production, “The Newfie Kitchen Party”. They went all out to entertain our guests, giving them a hilarious piece of Newfoundland culture. They even persuaded our mainland volunteer staff to dress up as mummers! 
Finally, as things came to a close, as we prepared to part ways, there was a tangible anticipation for M2M and its future. We all felt that this must carry on. Others need to experience this time of refreshing. As some attendees’ expressed, "I feel like it’s a big hug from the Lord"; "I am made to feel like a queen"; "This has helped me focus on my mission and helped restore my relationship with my wife."

The Lord willing, there will be a M2M 2010, and perhaps the Lord has a part for you to play. If so, email us at admin @hissecretplace.ca .


January 27, 2009

We are truly thankful to the following organizations for their encouragement and endorsement of this ministry.

"Providing rest for those who are called to the mission field is a wonderful idea. It just makes good sense. How else could we expect our brothers and sisters "in the field" to stay fresh and focused? Mission to Missionaries will be a great blessing as well as a great place to recharge!"

Rev. Rick Boyes, Lead Pastor
Gateway Church - London ON.

"The Canadian Fellowship of Churches and Ministers is pleased to provide their endorsement to the ministry of Mission to Missionaries. The need for care of our unsung heroes who have answered the call for cross-cultural missions shouts loud to the Body of Christ. CFCM is honoured to endorse an outreach to these missionaries that will provide them with an atmosphere to relax and enjoy a time of renewal and refreshing."

Glen R. Stead,
President , CFCM


“I am thankful to see such a ministry as Mission to Missionaries prepare a table for those that have given so much of themselves for the benefit of the world’s poor. Any effort to help care for and build up our Lord’s missionaries is a great blessing for the Church."

Father Gerald Westcott

Priest and Rector, Anglican Parish of the Resurrection

“Come unto me and I will give you rest! It is a joy to see M2M embracing the importance of soul care for missionaries serving overseas. We have seen first-hand how this ministry model can refresh and renew global workers. It’s a privilege to partner with M2M in this ministry.”

Perry Bradford, Director,
Barnabas Int.

“Women of the Harvest is delighted that God has raised up a sister ministry that shares our passion to provide times of physical rest and spiritual renewal for cross-cultural workers! We are witness to the transformation that occurs when the Lord meets their deepest needs through a time of quiet rest. It will have a lasting impact as they return to their fields of service – refreshed for ministry. We highly endorse their vision and pray God’s blessing on this event!”

Lorrie Lindgren, Executive Director,


"Mission to missionaries is providing a much needed service - to get away, get refreshed, and get focused."

Brent Lindquist, Ph.D., President,
Link Care Center


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